jeanne umbdenstock

  For more than two decades, I was a professional Decorative Artist, painting murals and faux finishes for clients all over my native New Orleans.  

  But after nine-foot waters flooded my home/studio due to Hurricane Katrina, I had a lot of soul searching to do. After much toil and adieu, I decided to return to my first love: painting on canvas. It was much sooner than I planned on ! I thought I would retire from my decorative art career and then pursue this dream.

  Over the last decade, I have had the joy of witnessing the rebirth of my beloved Southeastern Louisiana. Our marshy wetlands have been sorely depleted, but the ones we do have are lush with fowl and fishes.

  I have also seen a rebirth of our New Orleans City Park which is only two and a half miles from my new home/studio. It’s a treasure trove of old moss laden-oaks, historic architecture, and sleepy lagoons.

  My art life began over again too: first through pencil and paper, and house paint and paper (I used what I could scrounge up in my very wet decorative art studio). I eventually transitioned back to using artists quality paints, fine papers, and canvas. These early works evolved into over eighty-five works of art. A couple of years ago, I have added a another medium to my repertoire: audio visual projection pieces.

 Since that fatal storm day in 2005, I have won a place in the 2009 Artvoices Magazine’s Top Ten Emerging Contemporary Artist Competition, have exhibited in a chic Chicago gallery, and have had five solo shows in prestigious local venues. I also won first place in Poydras Home’s 2013 Competition.

  My fifth solo exhibit was held at the renowned french restaurant, Cafe Degas. The opening coincided with the opening of New Orleans annual LUNA FETE menageries and included my second audio visual projection piece, “MAGIC OF CITY PARK” !



Acrylic modeling paste gives me a head start on giving me my desired movement and texture on the canvas. Then I apply a basecoat of bright colored acrylic as a background. In mid-stream I swap over to the workability of oil paint. I always allow room for artistic happenstances and diversions: such as experimenting with applications of my found objects or my stockpile of fabrics.

My canvases sing with cool Gulf Coast blues, grape purple, and parrot greens, and dance with lemon-ice yellows, hot ice cream pinks, and sunset oranges... (please CLICK on detail pics below to see quality of my work)

Drawings -  I sketch with pencil on paper. Then use my digital skills to bring out the best in my drawings.... (please CLICK on detail pics below to see quality of my work)

 Digital Projections -

 My videos appear as virtual moving stained glass on a wall. I choreograph my digitalized images in storyboard mode to move to a musical interlude...(go to my Digital Projection page and CLICK on the white arrow on the art piece to view its trailer)

Here are the detail pics (below) ... just CLICK on the detail pics of a few of my paintings and drawings below (if you would like me to send you detail pics of some of my other artworks, please contact me...I'd be happy to send them !)